Brand / Series Identity

A minimum of four books needs to be submitted for this category with at least one book published in the relevant year.  Each book should reflect and promote the series whilst extending the value of the ‘collection’.

Limited Edition & Fine Binding

Private press publications may be included with the focus being the detail given to the finish of each book.  This section showcases the skills and fine detail applied to the book binders art. Limited Edition is defined as a book with a print run of less than 250 copies.

Self-Published Books

A chance to celebrate and congratulate authors who have worked tirelessly to create their own ‘story’ and made it happen.  Entries are welcome for every subject area, provided that self-promotion is evidenced.

Digitally Printed Books

This is for both black and white and full colour books. Typography, substrates and design should be used to their fullest, highlighting the flexibility and variability of digital print.

Interactive Multimedia Books

Innovation and utilisation of multimedia technology that compliments and enhances a printed book. A hard copy of the book will need to be supplied and you will also need to provide judges with access to the supporting app or multimedia feature.

Exhibition Catalogues

These need to have been produced to the highest standards of print quality, with fully documented entries and illustrations.

Photographic Books, Art & Architecture Monographs

This category is suitable for the highest quality of image reproduction that should create something visually stunning for the high end market.

Graphic Novels

A graphic novel is a book made up of comic style content. This includes fiction, non-fiction, and anthologized work which we hope will reflect the changing trends in the UK books industry.

Trade Illustrated

General non-fiction featuring a combination of illustrations and text that informs and educates the reader.

Lifestyle Illustrated

Living and lifestyle activities eg cooking, DIY, gardening with particular attention being given to consistently high standards of design and production.


Fiction, poetry, biography and letters – both hardback and paperback.

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Education

This applies to educational books produced for schools, colleges and universities.  The ability to capture and retain the readers’ attention is important in this category.  Three books will be chosen from the categories and one will be the overall winner and two will be highly commended.

Scholarly, Academic & Reference Books

For example atlases, research studies,  should include clean designs, exceptional finishing and can be complimented with photography.

Children’s Trade

All children’s literature entered in age categories 0-8 and 9-16.  One winner will be chosen from each of the age categorys.

Best Jacket/Cover Design

Full colour or monochrome book jackets.  Attention should be given to the visual impact, creativity and design.

Best Student Book of the Year

This category is open to anyone studying in full or part time education on a recognised publishing, printing or design-based course within the UK (there is no entry fee for this category). Please note that a signed letter from the student’s course professor must be included with the entry stating course, college and course dates. The winner of the award will be given the opportunity to have some work experience with either a designer, publisher or printer and also a cheque for £500 along with the trophy that will be presented at the awards evening on 10 November 2016.

Best British Book

Exemplifying the highest standards of book design, production and printing, this category  is open only to books that are published, printed , designed and bound in Great Britain.

Book of the Year

This will be selected from the winners of the other categories.